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Kuda Merah Compound Fertilizer

AGROHARTA cares about what a farmer would concern, the harvest and the quality of their crops.

To satisfy consumers’ need, Agroharta has developed a highly water soluble KUDA MERAH compound fertilizer. in addition, the technology of Agroharta packing system is fully automatic, and it has fulfilled SIRIM requirement.

KUDA MERAH compound fertilizer is made out of high quality and reliable raw material. Therefore, it is capable to help producing good quality and highly productive crops. As a result, KUDA MERAH compound fertilizer is a product that can satisfy our consumer.



NPK 10-5-25-2+TE

AgroRed compound fertilizer is produced with the latest technology and technique from Germany. It contains minimum 40% of water soluble phosphorus, and each granule of fertilizer contains all the essential and balanced minerals.

AgroRed is formulated with high Potassium (K) and is able to increase the yields of mature palm.




NPK 12-12-17-2+B+TE

AgroBlue compound fertilizer contains minimum 40% of water soluble phosphorus for better absorption of nutrients by the roots.

It is formulated for the growing palm which increases the palm yield and at the same time enhances the development of roots system and greenery of the palm leaves.




NPK 15-15-15

AgroGreen compound fertilizer is recommended for young trees and this formula has a balance NPK value which helps to improve the growth of young trees and has sufficient nutrients to increase the yield of palm as well.



NPK 15-15-6-4+TE

AgroYellow is a compound fertilizer with high soluble phosphorus; Strongly recommended for seedlings at the nursery stage.

The high value of Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) helps to enhance the roots system and greenery of the plant leaves



NPK 10-4-18-2+TE

Agro Perfect provide you the nutrients to maintain your crops growth. 




NPK 13-7-18

A compound fertilizer specially formulated for the manuring of rubber trees. The high water soluble phosphorus of minimum 40% helps to increase the absorption of nutrients by the roots.

It is best to apply after the hardening of the leaf of rubber canopy and to improve the disease resistance of rubber.