Agroharta Fertilizer Sdn Bhd, founded by Dato’ Loo Yeng Soon in 2003, is a company that manufactures, imports, and exports high-quality fertilizers.

With years of experience in product development, production, and customer service, we have a deep understanding of customer needs and insights into agriculture. Our frequent interactions with customers on our products, services and growing crops strategies effectively increase crop outputs and quality.

Our vision is to become a leading force in the fertilizer sector, a source of opportunity in agribusiness ecosystem, and a catalyst for global sustainable development.

Our mission is to provide solutions to farmers for growing healthy crops and increasing crop yield, assuring food and agricultural commodities are sustainable, accessible, and affordable.

Our Values

We strike to provide the highest quality products and services possible.

Seek the best resources while adhering to fair and respectful commercial partnerships.

Always solution-oriented in addressing adversities and finding new methods to improve our company with grit.

Not harm our social community; we behave ethically and attentively to help our community in every manner we can.

Contribute long-term advantages to the country’s sustainable growth.

Our Awards

Agroharta Fertilizer Sdn. Bhd.