Grower's Tips

Soursop Grower’s Tips

Soursop Grower’s Tips 1.Will higher productivity of soursop during current season require more fertilizer for next season? 2.Are trace elements (TE) important to soursop plants?

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Leafy Vegetables

Leafy Vegetables Grower’s Tips 4. Which form of Nitrogen is the best leafy vegetables? Is NO3-N or NH4-N? Back to Leafy Vegetables Program

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Watermelon Grower’s Tips

Watermelon Grower’s Tips 1.  Can I grow watermelons on sandy soil? 2.  Will proper fertilization reduce watermelon mortality and root fungus infection during early growth

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Guava Grower’s Tips

Guava Grower’s Tips How to extend the shelf life of harvested guava? FULVITA Soluble; apply either as foliar or drenching. Hulmino granule; apply as soil

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Cucumber Grower’s Tips

Cucumber Grower’s Tips Why are my cucumber plants produce softer leaves, darker green and sometimes thickened and brittle? Overdosed of Nitrogen caused excessive growth and

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