We Produce The Best Fertilizer For Farmers

Contains more than 40% of the water soluble phosphate, for better absorption of nutrients by the roots. It also contains a wide variety of necessary elements to adjust crop growth rate, increase the rate of production and quality of the product. Moreover, it being uniformly granular and every granulated fertilizer contains all essential and balanced minerals.




NPK 11-6.5-18-2+TE

A compacted compound fertilizer, Hosaku Compound F1, helps to increase the yield and overall oil palm harvest.

It contains minimum 40% water soluble phosphorus, and enhances higher absorption of nutrients by the roots and is recommended during early fruiting stage to increase of oil palm yield.



NPK 10-5-20-2+TE

A new generation Hosaku Compacted Compound fertilizer with improved Potassium (K) formulation, and is recommended during the early fruiting stage to increase the size of oil palm fruit.



NPK 10-5-25-2+TE

Contains minimum 40% of water soluble phosphorus, and each granule of fertilizer contains all the essential and balanced minerals. Formulated with high Potassium (K) and is able to increase the yields of mature palm.


NPK 15-15-6-4+TE

High water soluble compound fertilizer for oil palm seedlings. It is recommended for palms at the seedling stage as the high concentration of Nitrogen(N) and Phosphorus(P) can improve root system and better palm growth.


NPK 12-12-17-2+B+TE

High water soluble compound fertilizer which helps to enhance absorption of nutrients by the roots. This specialized formulation is targeted for the growing palm for better yield production and it also improve the greenery of the palm leaves.