European Compound Fertilizer

Nifosk European Compound Fertilizer

Nifosk Red


NPK fertilizer to stimulate the pollination for higher yields and better fruit quality.

Nifosk Blue

12-12-17+2MgO +15SO3+B+TE

Fertilizer formula with high water-soluble phosphorus and various trace elements added, which can improve nutrient absorption and induce flowering.

Nifosk Green


A NPK fertilizer with higher content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it strengthens vegetative growth and the root system, especially for short term crops.

Nifosk S Blue


NPK fertilizer with high potassium and additional of magnesium to increase fruit development and photosynthesis. It will improve the quality of the plant and yield.

Nifosk S


Improve fruit quality, improve color and flavor, and effectively increase sweetness and shelf life.

Nifosk S Premium


A better quality of NPK fertilizer with high soluble Phosphate content, SOP-based potassium, Boron and TE, it simultaneously increases the ability to increase yield and quality.

Nifosk T15


A balanced NPK fertilizer with the addition of sulfur and zinc elements for a more significant increase in plant metabolism. With its high water-soluble phosphate ability (80%), it improves the plant uptakes.