European Compound Fertilizer

Nifosk European Compound Fertilizer

Nifosk Red


Enriched with a high water-soluble potassium content, it boosts fruit development, while a high magnesium content accelerates the photosynthesis process. Ideal for the fruit development stage, it enhances plant quality and yield.

Nifosk Blue

12-12-17+2MgO +15SO3+B+TE

A higher water-soluble phosphorus content, along with trace elements (TE), enhances nutrient absorption and stimulates the pollination system.

Nifosk Green


This balanced nutrient blend is packed with highly soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, making it perfect for any soil or plant type. It promotes robust vegetative growth and strong root systems, making it an efficient choice for short-term

Nifosk S Blue


NPK fertilizer with high potassium and additional of magnesium to increase fruit development and photosynthesis. It will improve the quality of the plant and yield.

Nifosk S


Enhances sweetness, color, aroma, and reduces fiber in plants. Nifosk S not only boosts yield but also extends storage duration.

Nifosk S Premium


A better quality of NPK fertilizer with high soluble Phosphate content, SOP-based potassium, Boron and TE, it simultaneously increases the ability to increase yield and quality.

Nifosk T15


A well-balanced NPK formula enriched with sulfur and zinc elements to promote plant metabolism. Plants can absorb it swiftly due to its 80% water-soluble phosphate capability.