Made of High-quality and reliable material

Agro Compound Fertilizer

Agro Red


V-formula with high K, is an excellent choice to increase the formation of heavier fruit and denser fruit fillings. AgoRed is enhanced with Trace elements for greater nutrient intake.

Agro Blue


An excellent choice that is enhanced with Boron and other Trace Elements for excellent nutrient intake and it is dedicated to inducing flowers.

Agro Green


Enhanced with Trace Elements for greater nutrient intake. Its “Balance” formula, is suitable for the growing season and post-harvest.

Agro Yellow


Improves root extension, growth for young crops, and after transplanting. AgroYellow is enhanced with Trace Elements for great nutrient intake.

Agro Perfect


Engineered with V-formula. AgroPerfect consists of essential needs for fruit formation, maintenance, and sustaining crop health. AgroPerfect is enhanced with Trace Elements.

Agro Plus


Enhanced with Trace Elements, a V-formula for regular use. Suitable for fruit formation. Great for maintenance and sustaining crop health.