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Soilkode Green Concept

‘Unlock’ the Soil Nutrients


A new generation fertilizer product which combines all biological, chemical and physical property in every single granule of the Organic fertilizer. Experience the new microbial compound fertilizer which brings to you a higher yield and maximum profit.





NPK 12-5-25-3 + 0.8B +HA + Microbial + Organic

Products Benefits

1. Microbes helps to enhance Nutrient Release

Enhance plant vigor where the microbes sheltered on plant roots help to increase nitrogen fixation, phosphorus and potassium mineralization and humus formation. Increase the availability of phosphorus, potassium and calcium for roots absorption

2. Coated with High Organic Matter

Ability to work as a chelating agent, the nutrients is contained in complex molecules that will not leach away with the rain and ensure long term soil fertility.

3. Prevent Soil-borne disease

Beneficial microbes work as bio-control agent in soil to suppress soil borne pathogen that causes palm disease such as Basal Rot Stem, Upper Rot Stem and rust disease. It also increases the immunity of palm tree.


Recommended use rate (kg per palm)